Dr. John Henrik Clarke - A Great And Mighty Walk (1996)

Controversial scholar and activist John Henrik Clarke first appeared on the Harlem scene in the 1930's. He was an advisor to Kwame Nrumah, the first president of Ghana, a confidant of Malcolm X in the 1960s and evolved as the leading proponent of an Afrocentric view of history and culture. A vocal critic of Eurocentric education, Clarke designed the Black and Puerto Rican Studies program at the City University of New York and until his retirement was an influential professor at Hunter College. Clarke continues to stir heated debate in and outside the African-American community for his Pan-African ideology, his criticism of Louis Farrakhan, and his description of Martin Luther King's non-violent philosophy as "a good tactic but not a way of life."


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  • Shelly Gray on

    We need to know are history before the Europeans came to Africa.

  • Dennis Taylor on

    I love what you are doing here Hotep family… Dr. Clarke is one of my hero’s. As My mentor would say by the way Dr. Clarke was his mentor… Kaba would say Keep On Keepin On. It ain’t over until we win,

  • OBA B A AYO on

    APPRECIATE WHAT Y’ALL DOING ✊🏿🦍🦏🐘🐊🦅👊🏿🥋👏🏿🔥🌪🌊
    1619-2019 400YEARS

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