Why Wear Tiger's Eye? 5 Benefits of wearing Tiger's Eye

Aside from the Beautiful, earthy colors and versatile stying, Tiger's Eye gems can be power tools for conquering life's adversities. Here's 5 Benefits of wearing Tiger's Eye: 



Tiger’s eye crystal will give you the courage to conquer fears, particularly those centered around moving forward. It’ll strengthen your resolve to start a new project, or in times of change give you the courage to accept new opportunities.


As a Stone of the Mind, tiger’s eye will also boost self-confidence. By combining the sun and earth energies, tap into this stone’s powers to help guide you through difficult decisions. It can help you to step out of your comfort zone with renewed courage and confidence.


Tiger’s eye is a stone of protection. It acts as a personal bodyguard, protecting you from negative energies, emotions, and attitudes. 

Through the centuries, tiger’s eye crystal has been used as a talisman to protect against curses or ill wishing. It’s also a stone for safe travel, as it protects you from negative influences.   



Tiger’s eye is a high vibrational crystal that grounds the energy of the sun into the earth. This makes it the perfect crystal to use at times of stress, when feeling bullied, insecure, or not being true to yourself.

Its grounding effect will sooth away anxiety. You’ll feel more in touch with your surroundings as you stay focused on the current moment. By staying grounded you’ll feel empowered to stand up for yourself and be able to make tough decisions.

Stability and Balance :

Stability and balance are fundamental for clear decision making. Tiger’s eye, working through the Root Chakra, is a powerful stone of balance.

Tiger’s eye also brings harmony to a family environment. It does this by balancing yin-yang energies, which makes it easier to understand other people’s viewpoints.



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